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Birdstrikes in the News

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April 2016

USA: American Airlines Aircraft Returns to Seattle Airport after Damaging Strike 

UAE: Bird Strikes an Underrated Threat to Flight Safety 

New Zealand: Bird Strikes Microlight 

How do Airlines Tackle Bird Strike Threat 

Iceland: Rejected Take-off at Isafjordur due to Bird Strike 

USA: Bird Avoidance Program at Los Alamitos Army Airfield 

Alaska: Anchorage-bound Cargo Jet Lands Safely after Bird Strike Damages Wing 

Italy: Lufthansa A321 Rejected Take-off due to Bird Strike 

USA: Bird Strike Forces Delta Flight to Make Emergency Landing 

Scotland: Bird Strike Sparks Military Plane Alert at Stornoway Airport 

UK: Drone Hits BA Plane 

Germany: Robotic Falcon Set to Patrol Airports in a Bid to Prevent Bird Strikes 

How Bird Migrations Show Up Beautifully on Doppler Radar 

USA: Bird Strike Blamed for Plane's Emergency Landing 

American Samoa: Bird Strike Delays Flight 

UK: What Happens When a Bird Hits a Plane in Mid-air 

USA: Erie Airport's Strategies Minimizes Plan Collisions With Birds 

UK: Gatwick Withdraws Bird Strike Risk Objection to Hospice and Homes 

UK: Ryanair Flight Declares Midair Emergency above Manchester after Bird Strike during Take-off 

UK: Bird-Hit Forces Flight to make Emergency U-Turn 

March 2016

USA: Expressjet Canadair Sustained Damage from a Bird Strike 

Lebanon: Flydubai Bird Strike on Final Approach 

South Africa: B737's Vertical Stabilizer Impacted by a Bird During Climb at 8000ft 

USA: FAA Aims to Save Millions of Birds by Changing Static Red Airport Lights 

USA: What's the Bird? New Website Identifies Species by your Photo 

UK: Aurigny's Jet has its Third Bird Strike on Way to Gatwick 

Maritime Company Helping Airline Runways Clear of Birds, Takes Off Globally 

USA: Bird Strike Leads Pilot to Turn Plane Around 

USA: Airport Authority Tables Proposal to Conduct Market Study on Airline Travel 

Turkey: Bird Strike on Approach to Istanbul 

Taiwan: Bird Strikes on Planes Hit 3-Year High 

India: Delhi-Bhubaneswar Flight Suffers Bird Strike 

India: Bird Strike Prompts Emergency Landing of Air India Flight in Bhopal 

Brazil: A350 Strikes a Vulture on Departure from Manaus 

China: The Invisible Killer-Mist Nets at Chinese Airports 

UK: Danger Drone-Assessing the UAV Threat to Civilian Aircraft 

USA: Eagles Used to Test Methods of Preventing Bird and Turbine Collisions 

The Netherlands: Bird Strike during Initial Climb 

North Cyprus: Rejected Takeoff due to a Bird Strike 

Australia: Plane Delayed by Bird Strike 

USA: American McDonnel Douglas MD-82 involved in a Bird Strike 


February 2016

Afghanistan: Bagram Biologist Keeps Wildlife at Bay 

USA: Possible Bird Strike Prompts Flight Return to Baltimore-Washington Airport 

USA: Check out the Radical Dog that Works at a Michigan Airport 

Japan: JAL B767 Bird Strike at Tokyo 

USA: Seattle's Biggest Airport has an Uber for It's Raptors 

Australia: Wildlife Strike Pose Significant Safety Risk 

Ireland: Ryanair B737 Bird Strike at Dublin 

USA: Dozens of Animal Incidents Impact Tulsa Airport 

Belgium: Bird Strike during Climb of out Brussels 

India: DNA Barcoding can Lower Bird Strikes 

Croatia: Bird Strike on Approach to Zadar 

Turkey: Bird Strike during Climb out of Istanbul 

Canada: Bird Strike Grounds Helicopter at the West Hercules Oil Rig 

Pakistan: PIA ATR-72-200 Bird Strike on Landing at Karachi 

USA: Shooters vs. Hooters at JFK 

The Netherlands: Dutch Police Train Eagles to Snatch Unwanted Drones out of the Sky 

USA: Jetblue A320 Bird Strike at Orlando 

Nepal: KMC Told to Prohibit Butchery Around TIA 

January 2016

USA: For the Safety of our Aircraft and Crew 

UK: Airport Objects to New Hospice due to Increase in 'Bird Strike Risk Hazard'  

USA: University of Minnesota Tests Reflective Film to Head off Bird Collisions 

UK: Flybe Plane Forced to Make an Emergency Landing at Southampton 

USA: United B777 Suffers Bird Strike on Landing at Honolulu  

Philippines: Legazpi Airport Back to Normal Operations after Bird Strike 

Maldives: Maldivian Flight Survives Bird Scare 

India: Bird Strike Grounds Jet Airways Mumbai Flight at CHD Airport 

USA: Bird Strike on Final Approach to Wilkes-Barre 

USA: Southwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Sacramento after Bird Strike  

Hawaii: Pilots Keep an Eye Out for Feathered Friends 

South Korea: Jin Air Returns to Gimpo Airport after a Bird Strike 

USA: Keeping Wildlife off Tarmac is Big Job at Pittsburgh International Airport 

UK: Letter - Bird Hazard to Gatwick Aircraft 

India: Airports Warned over Animal Incursions 

USA: Smithsonian Bird Sleuth uses 'Snarge' to Track Rise in Jet Hits 

Namibia: Bird Strike Damages Air Namibia Plane 

Mesmerizing Migration - Watch 118 Bird Species Migrate Across a Map of the Western Hemisphere  

USA: At Sacramento Airport, Birds and Planes Don't Mix Well 

USA: Federal Authorities to End Use of Ultralights for Whooping Crane Project 

India: Owls Among 16 Species to Blame for Maximum Bird Hits Near Airports 

USA: Appeals Court - Airports Have Wide Latitude to Kill Birds 

USA: How a Tiny Bird Can Take Down a Massive Plane 

The Netherlands: KLM Boeing Bird Strike during Initial Climb from Amsterdam 

Virgin Islands: Delta Airlines Diverted to Puerto Rico after Ingesting a Bird during Initial Climb  

USA: Jetblue Suffers Bird Strike during Climb 

December 2015

India: College Faculty to Carry Out Study on Controlling Bird Hits 

USA: Another Visiting Snowy Owl Dies, Probably Hit by an Airplane 

India: Spicejet Dash 8 Swerves to Avoid a Herd of Boars, Leaves Runway 

Turkey: Turkish Airlines Dog Strike during Landing 

USA: How Airplanes Ruffle Plover Feathers 

Pakistan: PIA Plane Lands Safely after Bird Strike in Islamabad 

USA: Delta Airlines Bird Strike on Approach 

Italy: Vueling Airlines Bird Strike on Takeoff 

USA: Denver-bound Flight Returns to Sacramento after Bird Strike 

Myanmar: Dragonair Airbus Bird Strike during Climb 

USA: Virgin Atlantic Bird Strike during Climb 

China: Bird Strike led to Navel Jet Crash 

Cambodia: AirAsia Emergency Landing Blamed on Bird Strike 

USA: Bird Strike at 5700ft out of Sacramento 

Australia: Pilot Describes Eagle Strike 

Indonesia: Lion Air Collides with Cows on the Runway,_Djalaluddin_Indonesia,_2013_(BS_RE_GND)?utm_source=SKYbrary&utm_campaign=60dc306c8a-383_Destination_Airports_28_12_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e405169b04-60dc306c8a-276510629 

USA: Bird Strike, Plane Bumps Cause Concern for Airlines 

South Korea: Asiana Airlines Takeoff Delayed due to Bird Strike 

Japan: Japan Ministry using DNA Samples to Prevent Bird Strike 

USA: Combining Old School and High Tech-Reducing Raptor Conflicts 

Brunei: Silkair Airbus A320 at Bandar Seri Begawan Bird Strike 

Indonesia: Garuda Indonesian Returns to Padang after a Bird Strike 

India: Trouble-hit Navi Mumbai Airport Faces Bird Scare 

November 2015

Australia: AAA Recommends Destruction of Flying-fox Habitats to Better Manage High Number of Strikes 

Canada: Nobody wins the War between Birds and Planes 

USA: Avian Radar Claims to Reduce Airplane Bird Strikes 

USA: Miracle on the Hudson Survivors Remember Bird Strike Crash 

India: Wildlife Intrusion Threat - DGCA puts Four Gujarat Airports under Surveillance 

Czechoslovakia: Bird Strikes are Scary for Even the Strongest Planes 

Dubai: Delhi-Dubai Emirates Flight Suffers Bird Hit 

USA: Letter Cites Oyster Farm 'Fallacies' 

USA: Possible Drone Collides with Helicopter in Los Angles 

Canada: STARS Air Ambulance Makes Precautionary Landing at Saskatoon Airport 

USA: Denver-bound Flight Returns to Sacramento after Bird Strike 

India: Bird Hit Caused Katra Chopper Crash 

USA: Study Will Make Air Travel Safer 

Cayman Islands: Airports Authority Tackles Wildlife Problem 

Canada: Bird Strike - Flames Force Emergency Landing in Calgary 

Pakistan: Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Campaign Concludes at BBIAP 

USA: Captain Sully insists he's no hero 

Russia: Rejected Takeoff due to Bird Strike 

October 2015

Alitalia A320 Bird Strike at Bari Airport 

Bird Strike: CAA Looks to Create Awareness 

Aircraft Grounded at Hewanorra International Airport 

Wildlife Biologists Protect Military 

CoxHealth Helicopter Grounded after Bird Strike 

Stray Dogs on Runway a Threat to Flights 

Jetstar Plane Bound for Perth Forced Back to Cairns Airport after Apparent Bird Strike 

September 2015

Plane Strike on Buzzard Disrupts Guernsey Flights 

Strike Avoidance 

Birmingham Flight Sends Bird into Tailspin after Strike 

Newquay-Gatwick Flight Aborted after Take-off Bird Strike 

Emirates Plane Suffers Bird Strike Damage During Islamabad Flight 

BA plane fire: why did the Boeing 777 catch fire? 

Chattanooga Airport Officials Bring in Outside Aid for Advice on Geese Problem 

August 2015

Beijing Deploys Monkeys and Falcons for War Parade 

Bird Deterrents Installed on Electrical Wires to Prevent Bird Strikes 

Singapore Airlines Flight Turns Back to Istanbul due to 'Bird Strike' 

Pilot makes Dramatic Landing after Buzzard Smashes through Cockpit at 1000 feet 

Jet Engines have not Been Tested Against Drone Strikes 

PIB Airport gets Federal Grant Funding 

U.S. Wildlife Strike Reporting Continues to Increase 

Tallahassee Airport Clears Trees to Curb Bird Strikes 

Volunteers Could Prevent Bird-Airplane Collisions 

July 2015

Will Aircraft Bird Strike Requirements Protect Against Small Drones? 

USA: Bird Strikes Spark FAA Plans to Investigate Safety Measures 

Benazir, Pakistan: CAA to Build Safety Walls Around Airport 

Australia: Wasps ... Small but Dangerous 

Little Rock AFB, USA: Wildlife Biologist Helps Keep Airfield and Pilots Safe 

USA: How are Airlines Fighting Back Against Bird Strikes? 

USA: FAA Takes Closer Look at Plane Collisions with Birds 

USA: New Regs for Monday - Airplanes, Warranty, Chemicals 

UK: How Dangerous are Bird Strikes? 

Toronto, Canada: Will Toronto have Canada's Riskiest Airport? 

Uncrewed Aircraft may Help Crewed Ones Return to Flight more Rapidly 

Nigeria: Domestic Operators Lose over $180M to Bird Strike Incidents Annually 

June 2015

Simferopol, Ukraine: Ikar B763 Bird Strike during Initial Climb 

Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan: BASH Program 

Portland, USA: Airport uses Goats, Llama to Clear Invasive Plants 

Wellington, New Zealand: Air NZ Jet Cleared for Takeoff after Birdstrike Suffers Engine Failure 

Berlin, Germany: Air Berlin B738 Bird Strike during Initial Climb 

Green Bay, USA: Delta Air Lines Flight to Minneapolis makes Emergency Landing, Bird Strike Blamed 

Austin, USA: Two Planes make Emergency Landings at Austin Straubel Friday 

Rome, Italy: Alitalia A319 Bird Strike During Initial Climb 

San Leandro, USA: Falconer Wards off Seagulls from Transfer Station 

May 2015

Omaha, USA: Protecting Birds - Companies Turn Off Lights, Lower Window Shades During Peak Migration Periods 

Pittsburgh, USA: Birds are Powerful Enough to Bring Down an Entire Plane ... So What Can be Done? 

Jakarta, Indonesia: Airport Operator Angkasa Pura II Seeks to Improve Bird-Strike Management 

Russia: MC-21 Vertical Fin Heads for Bird-Strike Testing 

India: Bird Strikes Almost Double in Four Years, DGCA Data 

India: Machine to Help MIAL Stop Bird Hits 

Jacksonville, USA: Keep Pilots, Aircraft Safe...Don't Feed the Wildlife  

Los Angeles, USA: American Airlines Flight Returns to LAX After Possible Bird Strike 

Traverse City, USA: Special Report - Avoiding Bird Strikes 

Scotland: Drones Plan to Cut Aircraft Bird Strikes 

Singapore: Pratt & Whitney Happy with PW1000G's Bird-Strike Performance 

Phuket, Thailand: Airport Steps up Bird Strike Precautions 

Manchester, UK: Thomas Cook Loses Landmark Bird-Strike Court Battle Over Family's Delayed Flight 

Crestview, USA: Airplane-Deer Collisions Might Prompt Shoot-to-Kill Order 

Nevsehir, Turkey: Turkish Airlines Plane Suffers Huge Bird Damage to Nose, Wings During Landing 

Genoa, Italy: Vueling A320 Bird Strike at Genoa 

Los Angeles, USA: Bird Strike will not Affect A320neo Timeline 

UK: Bird Strike Cases on the Rise, Swansea University Expert Warns 

New York, USA: Bird Strike Causes Emergency Landing at LaGuardia Airport 

Minneapolis, USA: Council Considers Bird-Safe Skyway Rules 

APRIL 2015

UK: Passengers Delayed by Bird Strikes can Claim Compensation, Judge Rules

Srinagar, India: Spice Jet Plane Lands Safely in Srinagar after Bird Strike

Macapá, Brazil: Four Vulture Strikes in 2014

Norfolk, USA: Trees Around Norfolk International Airport to be Cut Down

Stavanger, Norway: B738 Bird Strike

St Clair County, USA: Netting Keeps Birds Away from Flightline

Camp Lejeune, USA: Keep Pilots and Aircraft Safe, Don't Feed the Wildlife

Goldsboro, USA: Grounding Birds Keeps Aircraft Airborne

Christchurch, New Zealand: Bird Buildup Worries Christchurch Airport

New Delhi, India: Rs250 Tender for Bird Detection Radars Scrapped

Blue Lights Could Prevent Bird Strikes

Newark, USA: Wolverine Tranquilised at Newark Airport after Chewing Through Metal Cage

Regina, Canada: Bird Strikes Reported at Regina Airport

Wilmington, USA: Training Helps ILM Guard Against Wildlife Hazards

Louisville, USA: Flight Delayed, There's a Coyote on the Runway

USA: The Birds (and Deer) Behind Thousands of Airplane Emergencies

Des Moines, USA: UPS Plane Reports Bird Strike Near Des Moines Airport

Seattle, USA: Bird Strike Sends Alaska Airlines Flight Back to Seattle

San Antonia, USA: Bird Strikes at JBSA Threaten Pilot and Community Safety

Inverness, Scotland: Two Aircraft Spark Separate Emergencies at Inverness

Seoul, Korea: Bird Strike Delays Korean Air Flight

Washington, USA: NTSB Report - No Evidence of Bird Strike, Plane Flying 'Abnormally Slow' Before Crash

Inverness, Scotland: Emergency Declared after Bird Strike Forces Mail Freighter Plan to Turn Around

San Antonia, USA: Birds Strike Aircraft at Randolph

Trenton, Canada: Bird Controllers

MARCH 2015

Baltimore, USA: Bird Strike Forces Emergency Landing at BWI Airport

San Antonio, USA: Bird Strike at JBSA-Randolph Could be a Forewarning of Economic Troubles Ahead

Chennai, India: Two Bird Hits a Month at Chennai Airport

Dallas, USA: Dallas Police Chopper Lands Safely after Bird Strike

Why Do Birds Keep Crashing into Planes?

Kathmandu, Nepal: Thai Air Jet Suffers Bird Hit While Landing

Beirut, Lebanon: Lufthansa A321 Strikes Bird, Damages Engine

Ribble Estuary, UK: Seagull Cull Blocked by Court of Appeal

New York, USA: Bird Strike Forces American Airlines Flight 1320 to Return to JKF

Bempton Cliffs, UK: Bird Strike on Rescue Helicopter and Lifeboat Capsizes in Missing Woman Search

New York, USA: Plane Makes Emergency Landing after Bird Strike

USA: Bird Strike Hazards and Avoidance

USA: Bird Strike SNAFU

New Delhi, India: DGCA Comes Across 39 Safety Norms Violation Cases This Year

London, UK: Urban Wildlife - When Animals Go Wild in the City

Southport, UK: Seagull Cull Battle Goes to Appeal Court

Israel: The Natural Aerial Threats at a Crossroads Over Israel

Paraburdoo, Australia: F100 Bird Strike During Climb Causes 5.5hr Delay

USA: Ask the Captain - Birds, Balloons and Drones

Oakland, USA: Bird Strike Forces Hawaii Bound Flight to Land in Oakland

Vacaville, USA: Bird Strike Forces CALSTAR Helicopter to Land in Parking Lot

Hurlburt Field, USA: Sheep Dog Herds Birds Along Flightline

Full Sutton, UK: Investigation to Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee G-COLH


Moscow, Russia: Russian court says birds attracted to landfill threaten air safety

Barcelona, Spain: Dublin-bound Ryanair flight diverted after bird strike

San Franciso, USA: Bird strike forces CALSTAR helicopter to land in Vacaville parking lot

Lahore, Pakistan: PIA B772 bird strike

Wickford, UK: Bird blamed for latest rail disruption

Conway, USA: Deer and ducks present challenges at Conway's Cantrell Field

PAPER: Research on bird strike simulation of composite leading edge, Guo et al 2012

Lydd, UK: Airport flights at risk of bird strike, warns action group

Minneapolis, USA: New bird strike risk identified from Minnesota Vikings stadium

Jakkur, India: Air show - bird strike fears rise as pigeon number soar

Los Angeles, USA: Power restored at LAX baggage terminals after bird hits powerline

Hervey Bay, Australia: Councillor says bats are a concern after plane is grounded

Full Sutton, UK: Teen pilot overturned plane after bird strike at Full Sutton Airfield

Mazatlan, Mexico: Aeromexico E190 strikes bird during climb

São Luis, Brazil: Azul E195 strikes a vulture on departure

Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar: Costly encounter with a bird

Taiwan: Plane crash - what went wrong on flight GE235

Manchester, UK: Planes at Manchester Airport involved in more than 50 bird strikes last year

Mumbai, India: Sixty-seven suspected bird strikes at airport last year, shows DGCA data

REPORT: ACRP Report 125 - Balancing Airport Stormwater and Bird Hazard Management

Naypyidaw, Myanmar: Golden Myanmar A320 bird strike

Odisha, India: Laser guns to keep birds at bay in Odisha's lone airport

BASH not getting much better

Panama: Bird causes plane to make emergency landing

 Orlando: Bird strike dangers at Orlando International


USA: Smaller drones aren't a major threat to aircraft - a little birdie told me so

Kemah, USA: Coast Guard crew recalls bird strike that caused emergency landing in Kemah

Paraná, Brazil: Helicopter crashes after striking a vulture, passenger and pilot killed (Language: Portuguese)

Vancouver, Canada: Airport dogs at YVR

Pittsburgh, USA: Endangered short-eared owls flock to Pittsburgh International Airport

Delaware, USA: Dogs keep Dover base from running 'a-fowl'

Westchester County, USA: Airport drone spottings lead to call for tighter rules

Sacramento, USA: It's bird strike season again at Sacramento International Airport

USA: BBC documentary - Miracle of the Hudson

USA: Study - birds bad a gauging the speed of objects

Los Angeles, USA: Aggressive falcon takes down a glider after it flies too close to its nest

Merimbula, Australia: Bird strike damages propeller on Rex flight

Sacramento, USA: Bird strike forces plane to land

Manila, Philippines: Bird strike forces Cebu Pacific plane to return to airport 

Dallas/Fort Worth: Plane strikes birds, 14 flights delayed at DFW airport

Tokyo, Japan: Haneda's 1 billion yen bird strike prevention system a failure

USA: Why birds crash into planes

USA: Why birds keep crashing into cars and planes

Honolulu, USA: Bird scarers at Hawaii airport help prevent catastrophe

India: Civil aviation committee to control bird strikes fails to meet for three years

Louisville, USA: Plane-wildlife collisions common in Louisville

Windsor, Canada: Airport-loving Snowy Owls trigger trapping response

USA: FAA Q&A on plane-wildlife collisions

Cairns, Australia: Tiger Airways flight forced to make an unscheduled landing


Kathmandu, Nepal: Jet Airways Aircraft makes Emergency Landing at TIA

Tampa, USA: Airport Works to Limit Danger Caused by Bird Strikes

Abuja, Nigeria: Arik Makes Reurn after Bird Strike

Australia: Why Queensland Flights are all Flocked Up

Kathmandu, Nepal: Jet Airways Aircraft Catches Fire after Bird Strike

Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland Airport Culls Black Swan Population

Report: Environmental Impacts of Airports - A Research on the Istanbul 3rd Airport

Report: Comprehensive Bird Strike Simulation Approach for Aircraft Structure Certification

Journal Paper: Finite-Element Assessment of Damage to an Aircraft Windshield Incurred by High-Speed Multiple Bird Strikes,11e23ce271b9a383,371b4fb466424cda.html

Manchester, UK: Eight Aircraft Struck by Birds at Greater Manchester Airports over 12 Months

Washington, USA: Thousands of Animals Removed from DC Area Airports

USA: Industry Proposes a 'Mirco Drone' Rule as Regulatory Deadline Looms

Jackson, USA: County Finds Land Use Rules Around Airport Conflict

Australia: Wildlife Report Focuses on Bird Strikes

Yangon, Myanmar: Flight Forced to Land after Bird Strike

USA: Near Misses Between and Drones and Airliners on the Rise

Baltimore, USA: Southwest Airlines Declares Emergency After Bird Strike

Bermuda: Delta Aircraft in Bird Strike

Maryland, USA: NTSB Find No Evidence of Bird Strike in Phenom 100 Crash

Maryland, USA: Private Jet Captain Speaks out about Maryland Plane Crash

Berlin, USA: Odd Jobs, Aviation Operations Specialist

Australia: Plan to Curb Queensland Airports Alarming Number of Animal Strikes

Maryland, USA: Bird Strike Could Have Caused Plane Crash in Maryland

South Burlington, USA: It Was a Bird Strike, Not a Maintenance Issue

San Jose, Costa Rica: TACA A319 Bird Strike

Baltimore, USA: Jet Lands Safely in Baltimore after Bird Strike

Israel: Black kite (Milvus migrans) penetrating the canopy of a trainer plane at 200 mph


Abilene, USA: Bird Forces Medevac Chopper to Make Emergency Landing

Oakland, USA: Alaska Airlines Flight Sustains Bird Strike After Takeoff, Returns to Airport

Aracaju, Brazil: TAM A320 Strikes Bird on Approach

Jaipur, India: DGCA Team to Inspect Udaipur Airport Highly Vulnerable to Stray Animals/Birds

Ahmedabad, India: Bird-hit Grounds Flight, Flyers Safe

Scotland: Blackout Which Left 3500 Homes Without Power Caused by Bird Strike

India: Buffalo on Runway Triggers DGCA Alarm on 18 Airports

Merkel, USA: Bird Strikes Medical Helicopter in West Texas

Surat, India: Plane Hit a Stray Animal on Runway, SpiceJet Suspends Operation at Surat Airport

London, UK: A Swan on the Runway Delays More Than Twenty Aircraft

Seattle, USA: Wayward Raptors Get New Start Away From SEA-TAC Airport

Auckland, New Zealand: Some Fliers not Welcome at Auckland Airport

Australia: Bird Brains May Help Drones Fly and Avoid Crashing

Denver, USA: Denver Police Helicopter Lands in Wash Park after Bird Strike

Coimbatore, India: Air Arabia Flight Suffers Bird Hit at Coimbatore Airport

Olanthe, USA: Bird Strike Forces Emergency Landing at New Century Airport

Los Angeles, USA: Bird Strike Forces Flight to Return to LAX

Pittston, USA: Airport Board Briefed on Shooting Bears


Australia: Bird Strike Management in Australia

Cayman Islands: Airport Uses Sonic Blasts to Scare Off Birds

Coimbatore, India: City Airport to get more Zon Guns to Combat Bird Hits

Australia: Birds, Bats and Bunnies are a Plane Nuisance for Pilots, Causing Mid-air Scares and Damage

Sunshine Coast, Australia: It's the Million Dollar Question ... How High Can an Ibis Fly?

Newark, USA: Emergency Response Drill Held at Newark Airport

Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand: AirAsia Plane Damaged After Bird Strike

USA: FAA Rebuffs Congressmen on Bird Radar

France: Airbus Files Patent to Prevent Bird Strikes

USA: Wildlife Strikes and the Impact on Aviation

Massachusetts, USA: Hawk Attacks Drone

USA: Wildlife plus Airports Equals $187 million in Damaged Planes

Wuhan, China: Bird Strike with Xiamen B738 at Wuhan

Denver, USA: Frontier Flight from DIA to Minneapolis Aborted after Bird Strike

Australia: Plane Bird Strikes Cost Local Airlines Tens of Thousands Dollars

USA: USDA Help Airports Nationwide Combat Bird Strikes

Tanzania: Fastjet Hit by Unprecedented Number of Bird Strikes

New York, USA: Federal Judge Shoots Down Lawsuit to End Bird Shootings

USA: Bird Strike Fears Big Enough to Warrant Serious FAA Oversight

New York, USA: Jet Blue Plane Makes Emergency Landing at JFK Following Bird Strike

New York, USA: Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing After Apparent Bird Strike

USA: Planes are Striking More Birds, More Often


Southern Tier, USA: Airports Reduce Bird Strike Collisions

St. Louis, USA: Fear of Bird Strikes Factors into Effort to Solve Landfill Issues

Rochester, USA: Bird Hits Plane Windshield, Forces Landing

USA: How Bird Migrations Show Up Beautifully on Doppler Radar

Napa County, USA: Airport Receives Grant to Assess Wildlife Hazards

Sydney, Australia: Opera House Uses Giant Robot Bird to Harrass Seagulls

Australia: RAAF Unveil a Memorial Commemorating the Death of Two F-111 Pilots in 1977 due to a Bird Strike 

Johannesburg, South Africa: Kulula B737-800 Bird Strike 

Lexington, UK: Entomology Research Hopes to Prevent Bird-Plane Collisions

Aviation Week: Airports Reducing Wildlife Strike Risks

Pagadian, The Philippines: Bird Strike

PODCAST Aviation Week: Bird Strike - Things with Wings

Kirmington, UK: Bird Strike Forces Apache Helicopter Gunship into Precautionary Landing at Humberside Airport

Baton Rouge, USA: Airport to get $1.7 million Federal Grant for Wildlife Strike Hazard Project

Tokyo, Japan: Narita Trials Bird Strike Measures

VIDEO: Turtles Crossing Airport Runways are Delaying Flights in the USA (Language: Portuguese)

Fort Drum, USA: Vt. Air Guard F-16 Hits Bird

Cluj, Romania: Wizz A320 at Cluj suffers a Bird Strike on Departure

Zurich, Switzerland: Bird Strike Aborts Swiss Flight From Zurich to US

Logan, USA: Delta Flight Returns to Logan After Birdstrike

Robotic Falcons and Eagles Mimic Predators to Keep Pests Away from Airports and Farms

How Radar Could Prevent Aircraft Bird Strikes

New York, USA: Three Bird Strikes Reported at LaGuardia Airport

Chicago, USA: Airport's Incredibly Cute Lawn-Trimmers are Back on the Job

Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand: Nok Air Hits Birds, Forcing Emergency Landing


Australia: Wildlife Strikes and DNA Sampling: A How-To Guide for the Aviation Industry  

Australia: The Role of the Australian Museum in Bird Strike Managemenet in Australia

USA: Bird Strike (Podcast)

USA: Airports Reducing Wildlife Strike Risks

 FAA, wildlife experts pitching new bird strike risk metric

 Brazil: Falconry, a Task Force to Prevent Bird Strikes with Aircraft (Language: Portuguese)

Guernsey, UK: Flight Delays after Bird Strikes Aurigny Jet

Belém, Brazil: TAM A320 at Belém Airport Strikes Bird on Final Approach

San Antonio, USA: San Antonio Airport Takes Non-lethal Approach to Bird Removal

Houston, USA: Boston-bound Flight Returns to Houston after Bird Strike

Istanbul, Turkey: Bird Strike with THY A321 at Istanbul 

London, UK: Mayday Issued after Bird Collided with Plane at Heathrow

Atlantic City, USA: Atlantic City International Airport Lets Weeds Grow to Deter Birds, Aircraft Strikes

Tobago: Birds Hit CAL Plane, Passengers Stranded

USA: FAA Wildlife Experts Pitching New Bird Strike Risk Metric

Atlanta, USA: Aviation Wildlife Leaders to Discuss Bird Strikes

Dayton, USA: Ohio Airport Bets Tall Grass Can Keep Planes Safe from Bird Strikes

New York, USA: Airport Tests New Way to Avoid Deadly Bird Strikes

Blountville, USA: Number of Bird Strikes Spike at TCRA in 2013, None Reported so far in 2014

Greensboro, USA: Bird Strike Forces Plane into Emergency Landing at PTI

San Juan, Puerto Rico: JetBlue says Evacuated Flight from Puerto Rico Experienced Bird Strike

Ahmedabad, India: Mumbai-bound Flight Suffers Bird Hit, Makes Emergency Landing

USA: Raptor Drones will save Birds from Themselves

Phuket, Thailand: AirAsia Flight Forced to Land in Phuket, Suspected Bird Strike

New Delhi, India: Soon, IAF, Navy Personnel May Tackle Bird Strikes

The Netherlands: Robotic Raptors to the Rescue

North Stow, UK: Bird Strike may have caused Brandon Motorcyclist to Crash into Van

JULY 2014

Vinh, Vietnam: Jetstar Pacific Cancels Flight after Bird Strike

Phoenix, USA: Fewer Bird STrikes at Sky Harbour Airport

Farnborough, UK: Red Arrow Suffers Third Bird Strike in Two Weeks

Houston, USA: Hundreds of Birds Poisoned and Killed at Bush Airport

Southhampton, UK: Bird Control Lasers Debut at UK's Southhampton

USA: FAA Continues Wildlife Strike Reporting Outreach for GA Airports

USA: Attrition-And Then There Were Two

London, UK: Bird Strike Risk Could Sink 'Boris Island'

Swansea, UK: Geese Strike Forces Pilot to Crash-Land

Farnborough, UK: Second Red Arrows Bird Strike in Less Than a Week

UK: Airports Comission Sink Borris Johnson's Estuary Airport Plans

Norfolk, UK: Inquiry Finds Bird Strike Downed US Helicopter

Pensacola Beach, USA: Blue Angels 'Fat Albert' out of Airshow due to a Bird Strike

Stuttgart, Germany: Condor B753 Strikes Bird on Departure

Norwich, UK: Mainline Reopens After Pigeon Strike Causes Train Fault

Texas, USA: At D/FW Airport, Wildlife Biologists Strikes Before Birds Can

Waddington, UK: Red Arrows Hawk Grounded After Bird Strike

Mossy Point, Australia: Bird Strike Could Have Caused Deadly Plane Crash

Norfolk, UK: Geese Caused Fatal US Air Force Helicopter Crash

USA: United is Using its Planes to Track Butterflies and Birds From Above

Basel, Switzerland: Easyjet Stork Strike druring Climb

Auckland, New Zealand: Bird Strike Closes Auckland Airport's Runway

JUNE 2014

Kathmandu, Nepal: MA60 Grounded After Bird Hit in Biratnagar

Coimbatore, India: Chennai Flight Grounded After 'Bird-hit'

Orlando, USA: Birdstrike Knocks Out Airplane Windshield

Tampa, USA: Southwest Plane Turns Back After Bird Strike

Manchester, UK: Jet Grounded After Bird Flies into Engine on Landing

Tampa, USA: Plane Returns to TIA After Hitting Birds

Africa: Africa Loses $11 million to Bird Strike Annually

Yarmouth, Canada: Aurora Crew Unhurt in Bird Strike on Yarmouth Runway

RAF Fairford, UK: B-2 Stealth Bomber Suffers Bird Strike While Landing

Barksdale AFB, USA: Wildlife Biologist Keeps Aircrew, Animals Safe

Population trends of resident and migratory Canada geese in relation to strikes with civil aircraft

 Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand: Birdstrike Grounds AirAsia Plane

Birmingham, United Kingdom: HS2 Will Cause Aeroplanes to be at Higher Risk of Crashes

RAF Benson, United Kingdom: Red Kites Stray into Airfield at Their Peril

Isle of Man, United Kingdom: TT Rider Strikes a Sea Gull at 170mph

Kenya: Africa Spends Sh1b on Bird Strike Control

MAY 2014

Kisumu, Kenya: Airports and Trash Dumps a Volatile Mix for Airlines

Ilsan, South Korea: LIG Nex1 to Show Advanced Robots

Boston, USA: JetBlue Flight Hits Bird on Take-off From Logan

Video: Turkish Air Force Bird Strike

MacDill Air Force Base, USA: AFB Shares Secret Weapon to Prevent Bird Strikes

Seattle, USA: Preventing Bird Strikes, Sea-Tac Airport Relocates Raptors

Taiyuan, China: Hainan Airlines Flight Forced to Land After Bird Strike

Rapid City, USA: Keeping Geese Out of Airport Flight Paths

BAE Systems Warton Aerodrome: Legal Challenge to Controversial Herring Gull Cull Dismissed by Judge

What Happens if a Drone Gets Sucked into a Passenger Jet Engine

Saudi Arabian Aviation Agency Orders DeTect MERLIN Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar System

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic: Incident - Ural A320 at Karlovy Vary

Sugar Land, USA: Bird Strike Causes Engine Fire, Plan to Return to Sugar Land Airport

Denmark, Copenhagen: Final report of collision between Cessna 500 and 4 Mute Swans (Cygnus olor), 22 Jan 2014

New York, USA: FAA Investigating LaGuardia Bird Strikes

Austin, USA: One Pilot's Expereince with a Bird Strike

China: Monkeys Protect Air Base from Bird Strikes

USA: 'Miracle on the Hudson' Most Famous Jet Aircraft Bird Strike

New York, USA: 1,600 Protected Birds Killed by JFK Airport Contractors in Five Years


APRIL 2014

USA: Editorial-Remove Geese Endangering Aircraft

Minneapolis, USA: $100K Study to Count How Many Birds Fly Into Rebuilt Minnesota Bridge

Seattle, USA: Bird Strike Forces Plane to Return to Seattle Airport,0,6484673.story

Minneapolis, USA :SkyWest Flight to Rapid City Grounded after Hitting a Bird

Goiânia, Brazil: Aircraft Strikes a Bird and Returns to Santa Genoveva Airport

USA: Scientists Use DNA Sequencing to Identify What's Attracting Birds to Airports

Xiamen, China: Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Hitting Birds

Wichita Falls, USA: Leaders Warn of Pesky Egrets, July Bird Strike Brought Down Air Force Jet

Seldovia, Alaska: DOT Wants Seldovia 'Flight Risk' Turkeys Removed

Canada: Canadian Authorities Looking to Control Canada Geese Populations

Vancouver, Canada: Bird Strikes Plummet at Vancouver Airport


MARCH 2014

Westchester County, USA: Bird strike forces JetBlue plane to make emeregency landing at JFK Airport

Attrition - Birds Versus Helicopters

Nepal: Bird Strike Shatters Malaysia Jet's Windshields

Xiamen-bound plane forced to make emergency landing after hitting birds

Port Authority animal killings in NJ have little effect on bird strikes, data reveals

Malaysia Airlines fiight to Nepal hit by birds, passengers safe

El Al B739 at Berlin on Mar 17th 2014, bird strikes into both engines

Wichita, USA: Wichita State Scientist Develops New Virtual Tests for Bird Strikes

Tampa, USA: Take-offs Thwarted by Fish and Skydiver Strikes

Johannesburg, South Africa: B747 Lands at OR Tambo After Multiple Bird Strike

Birds and Choppers Don't Mix

Fish Strike Interrupts Jet's Takeoff at MacDill

Drought adds to Bird Strike at LNAS

USA: Bird Strikes Problematic for Military Helicopters, Study Finds



Dallas, USA: Love Field Still Looking for Bird Strike Solutions Months After FAA Warning

Texstars Develops Bell 525 Birdstrike-resistant Windshield

Fort Myers, USA: Page Field Approach Becomes Emergency as Bird Strikes Aircraft

Offutt AFB, USA: $500K radar gives Offutt pilots better data in effort to avoid dangerous bird strikes

Sydney, Australia: Bird strike delays flight

Snohomish, USA: Bird Strikes aren't an issue here

Chennai, India: Bird-hits on rise at Chennai airport, no tech in place to prevent them

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Custodian's Funny Safety Fight

Lajes Terceira Island (Azores), Portugal: TAP Flight Suffers Bird Strike

Vancouver, Canada: Airports Use Creative Solutions to Avoid Bird Strikes

Thiruvananthapuram, India: Gulf Air Diverted After a Bird Strike



Athens, Greece: Air Malta Flight Involved in Bird Strike Accident

Incirlik Air Base, Turkey: Airman's Initiative Prevents Bird Strikes

San Jose, USA: Bird Strike Temporarily Grounds Plane in San Jose

East Haven, USA: Tweed Airport Constructing WIldlife Deterrent Fence

USA: Live TV First to Successfully Complete New FAA Bird Strike Test for Radomes

Invercargill, New Zealand: Bird Strike Grounds USA Plane

Frankfurt, Germany: Air Malta Flight in Bird Strike Incident

New York, USA: Survivors Mark Fifth Anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson

Tupelo, USA: Local Airport has Program Targeting Birds and Animals

18 January: Article in the Economist about Avian Radar

USA: Airplane Bird Strikes Soar

USA: Cadets Test Sound-and-Light System to Deter Bird Strikes

Christchurch, New Zealand: 2000 Birds Culled to Protect Planes and Farms

Glennallen, Alaska: Wildlife on Roadway Result in Vehicle Strikes

Downers Grove, USA: Harrowing Cockpit Video Captures Cessna 210 Bird Strike

Bird Strike an Unlikely Cause of Cley Helicopter Crash

São Tomé, Portugal: White Flight Forced to Return Following Bird Strike

Vancouver, Canada: Bald Eagle Joins Vancouver Airport's Battle of the Birds

California, USA: Lemoore on Alert for Bird Strikes

6 January 2014. USAF Helicopter crash at Norfolk, UK






New Hampshire



Colorado, USAF




Portsmith, New Hampshire, USA: Coast Guard Plane Returns after Bird Strike, December 30th 2013

Dipolog City, Philippines: Bird Strike Damages Turbine Blades at Dipolog Airport

Business Mirror, December 29th 2013

Melbourne, Australia: Bird Strike Cause of Crack on Observation Wheel Pod Window

Herald Sun, December 29th 2013

Phuket, Thailand: Bird Strike Forces AirAsia Flight Back to Phuket

Phuket Gazette, December 28th 2013 - Bird Strike Goose Crashes Through Airplane Windshield 

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA: Cadet Research Seeks to End Costly Bird Strikes on Aircraft

USAF 24th December 2013

St Louis, Missouri, USA: Bird Strike Forces Plane to Return to Lambert

Fox2Now St Louis, 23rd December 2013

Sao Luiz, Brazil:  Incident: Gol B738 at Sao Luiz on Dec 21st 2013, bird strike

Stockton, California, USA: Bird "Ballet" over Port of Stockton|tvideo|article

Stockton, California, USA: Bird Strike Forces Plane to Turn Back to Stockton

ABC News 10, 14th December 2013

 New York, New York; Newark, New Jersey; USA: Homesick Owls Confusing Airports with Arctic Tundra

National Geographic Daily News, 12th December 2013


Spokane, Washington, USA: Falcons Protect Against Bird Strikes at Fairchild

KHQ-Q6 News, 13th December 2013


Perth, Australia: Metabarcoding avian diets at airports: implications for birdstrike hazard management planning


Perth, Australia: 'Bird Strike' Research Suggests DNA Technique Can Help Stop Bird-Airplane Collisions

Physics Org, 12th December 2013!


Dover, Delaware, USA: Bird Hazard Program Aids Dover Base Aircraft Operations

Delaware Newszap, Dec 11th 2013


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA: N.Y. airport might shoot snowy owls, but not MSP


Westchester, New York, USA: Snowy owls, new bane of airports, not issue in Westchester


Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Logan Airport leads the way on snowy owl issue


Witchita Falls, Texas, USA: Bird Strike Brought Down T-38 in July

AirForce Times, Dec 10th 2013


Syracuse, New York, USA: Hancock official: Snowy owls pose no safety threat at Syracuse's airport (updated)


New York, New York, USA: Port Authority Targeting Snowy Owls at JFK




USA: There's Finally a Good Way to Detect Birds on Runways Before They Damage Planes

Business Insider Australia 28th November 2013


Manchester, New Hampshire, USA: Southwest Flight Experienced Bird Strike

Fox25/MyFoxBoston November 30th 2013


Istanbul, Turkey: Incident: THY B773 at Istanbul on Nov 25th 2013, bird strike


Salvador, Brazil: Vulture Strike Causes Serious Injury to Pilot

Globo TV November 10th 2013 (language: Portuguese)


Srinagar, India: AAI Accused of Dumping Garbage next to Srinagar International Airport

Greater Kashmir News, November 26th 2013


Worldwide; Highlights Singapore, UK, and USA: Bird strikes cost aviation industry billions per year


San Diego, California, USA: Bird strike strands plane full of passengers


New York City, New York, USA: This Is What A Bird Strike Can Do To A Plane's Engine


Coimbatore, India: Birds pose threat to aviation safety at Coimbatore Airport


San Jose, California, USA: Dallas-Bound AA Flight Suffers Bird Strike, Returns to San Jose


USA: Passive Bird Strike Avoidance Systems and Methods: Patent

Bird Strike Avoidance Patent


Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Logan Airport Unveils Debris Detection System for Runways

CBS Boston November 15th 2013


California, USA: Bird Strike Forces Emergency Landing in Bay Area November 15th 2013


Canada: Orphaned Polar Bear Gets a New Home




Florida, USA: An American Bittern is recovering after being rescued at Key West Airport!


Florida, USA: Bird strike, cracked windshield delay 2 flights


Texas, USA: American jet returns to DFW after bird strike


American Samoa: Bird strike cancels Hawaiian Air flight from American Samoa to Honolulu


California, USA: Eagle Scout Raptor Trap Invention Applauded by Feds


Nepal: Airport demands 'avian radar' to curb bird strikes'avian+radar'+to+curb+bird+strikes&NewsID=396801


Ireland: This is the damage a bird can do hitting a 747 mid-flight


USA: The Fight to Reduce Deadly Bird-Plan Collisions

National Geographic 7th November 2013


Brazil: Brazilian Airport Employs Hawks to Disperse Birds 

YouTube November 2013


Arizona, USA: Bird Strikes 2.0: The Resulting Crash Can’t Always Be Blamed on the Bird


Shropshire, UK: Bird Strike Causes Rail Service Chaos


Canada: Incident: Air Canada B763 at Vancouver on Nov 2nd 2013, bird strike


California, USA: Incident: Skywest E120 at Sacramento on Nov 1st 2013, bird strike on approach


USA: Ten Ways to Prevent Bird Strikes

BBC News 6th November 2013


California, USA: Potentially Dangerous Bird Strikes

San Diego News 4th November 2013


USA: Study Aims to Prevent Wildlife Involved in Crashes 31st October 2013


Massachusetts, USA: Logan Jet Returns After Hitting a Bird

The Boston Herald 31st October 2013


Washington, USA: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is wildlife friendly

The Star Online 21st October 2013


New York, USA, Netherlands, and Israel: Those Hazardous Flying Birds

The New York Times (The Opinion Pages) 17th October 2013


USA: A Persistent (Feathered) Threat to U.S. Air Superiority


Bangladesh: Incident: Arabia A320 at Chittagong on Nov 2nd 2013, bird strike


California, USA: Accident: American B738 at San Jose on Oct 31st 2013, rejected takeoff due to bird strike


California, USA: Incident: Hawaiian B763 at Sacramento on Oct 31st 2013, engine damage due to bird strike


Cayman Islands: Bird patrol targets air safety threat


Arizona, USA: F-16 Pilot Blamed in Bird-Strike Crash


China: Incident: Finnair A333 at Hong Kong on Oct 24th 2013, bird strike and cabin pressure problems


Missouri, USA: Incident: Republic E170 at Kansas City on Oct 27th 2013, bird strike


Tennessee, USA: Southwest plane returns to Nashville after striking birds


Florida, USA: American B738 at Miami on Oct 23rd 2013, bird strikes


Dominican Republic: Sunwing B738 at Puerto Plata on Oct 22nd 2013, bird strike


Texas, USA: Qantas B744 at Dallas on Oct 18th 2013, bird strike


United Kingdom: 200 cases of 'bird strike' in three years


Turkey: THY plane makes emergency landing


Georgia, USA: Noisy tests could help keep unwanted birds from airports


California, USA: Bird strike forces flight from San Jose to land at Oakland airport


Afghanistan: Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard program keeps deployed airmen safe


Australia: Kangaroo hops into Melbourne Airport


Illinois, USA: Bird strike sends OC-bound plane back to O'Hare


Florida, USA: Emergency landing at RSW after bird strike


Illinois, USA: Chicago flight to Shanghai turns back after bird strike


Arkansas, USA: Reports of planes hitting birds on the increase nationwide; declining at Clinton National


Vietnam: Bird strike another unexpected predicament for airlines


International: Industry Aims To Reduce Bird Strike Threat


Pakistan: Incident: Flydubai B738 at Multan on Sep 28th 2013, bird strike


Ukraine: Incident: UTAir Ukraine AT42 at Donetsk on Aug 10th 2013, dog strike


California, USA: Flight Risks Rise as Bird Strikes Increase


Illinois, USA: Flight Risks Rise as Bird Strikes Increase


USA: Search FAA's Wildlife Strike Database


Texas, USA: Dallas Fort Worth Airport Reports Fewer Bird Strikes, Ranks No. 2 in U.S.


Florida, USA or Quebec, Canada: Accident: Canjet B738 at Orlando or Montreal on Sep 21st 2013, bird strike


Germany: German Court: No payout for bird strike passengers


Illinois, USA: Bird-strike data a big question mark


Tunisia: Incident: Tunisair B736 at Djerba on Sep 22nd 2013, bird strike


Scotland: RAF chopper makes emergency landing after bird strike


Florida, USA: Incident: American Eagle E145 at Miami on Sep 18th 2013, bird strike


Texas, USA: Incident: Jetblue E190 at Dallas on Sep 18th 2013, bird strike


New Zealand: Keeping birds off grass, away from planes


Oklahoma, USA: Bird migrations nearing: Central Flyway will soon be teaming with southbound birds, Tinker Air Force Base


Utah, USA: Incident: Skywest CRJ7 at Salt Lake City on Sep 14th 2013, bird strike


Italy: Incident: Easyjet A319 at Pisa on Sep 14th 2013, bird strike


Florida, USA: Incident: Southwest B733 at Fort Myers on Sep 13th 2013, bird strike


United Kingdom: RAF jet ends up in safety net at Mona airfield after 'goose strike'


USA: Bird Strikes in Airports – Identifying the Problem and Providing Solutions


United Kingdom: Incident: B733 at Newcastle on Sep 11th 2013, bird strike

Philippines: Bird strike forces cancellation of US-bound flight at NAIA


Michigan, USA: Accident: Southwest B737 at Flint on Sep 2nd 2013, bird strike


North Carolina, USA: Incident: Southwest B737 at Raleigh/Durham on Sep 2nd 2013, bird strike


Turkey: Incident: Atlasjet A320 at Bodrum on Aug 30th 2013, bird strike


Saudi Arabia: Incident: Saudia A321 at Dammam on Aug 29th 2013, bird strike


Shetland: Super Puma helicopters back in the air after investigators say technical fault was not to blame for crash


Romania: Incident: Lufthansa CRJ9 at Sibiu on Aug 29th 2013, bird strike


West Virginia, USA: Yeager Airport deems geese a hazard to aircraft


Michigan, USA: Bird strike forces flight to return to area airport


Nepal: Bird strike 'unlikely' to be cause of Nepal plane crash which killed seven Britons


Canada: Birds keeping airport staff busy in 2013: Waterloo International Airport


Nepal: Crash: Sita D228 at Kathmandu on Sep 28th 2012, bird strike

Nepal: Aircraft Accident Report:  On 28 September 2012 at 0032 hrs, a Dornier 228-202(K) aircraft, registration 9N-AHA, took off from Runway 20 at Tribhuvan International Airport,%20DO228Accident_Investigation_FinalReport.pdf


Ukraine: Incident: Ukraine International B734 at Lviv on Jul 28th 2013, bird strike


Virginia, USA: Incident: US Airways A319 at Richmond on Aug 21st 2013, bird strike


Texas, USA: Accident: American MD82 at Dallas on Aug 22nd 2013, bird strike


New Jersey, USA: Plane suffers bird strike at Newark Airport: Port Authority


Pakistan: Incident: PIA A313 at Lahore on Aug 17th 2013, bird strike


United Kingdom: Bird Strikes Damage Three Aircraft a Week in Britain


Dubai: Bird strike halts Royal Brunei's Dubai take-off


Denmark: Incident: SAS B734 at Copenhagen on Jul 23rd 2013, bird strike


Nepal: Experts draw attention to bird strike threats at Tribhuvan International Airport


Nigeria: Bird strike: Royal Air Maroc makes emergency landing at Lagos airport


Illinois, USA: O'Hare's grass gives burros, llamas, goats and sheep something to chew on,0,6445395.storyh


Utah, USA: Incident: Skywest CRJ9 at Salt Lake City on Aug 12th 2013, bird strike


USA: Experts To Gather At Bird Strike North America Conference In Milwaukee


Netherlands: Incident: Corendon Dutch B738 at Amsterdam on Aug 3rd 2013, bird strike


USA: A Striking Situation


Washington, DC, USA: US Airways Flight Turns Around After Bird Strike


New York, USA: New York’s horror: Silence of the geese


Georgia, USA: Incident: Delta B752 at Atlanta on Jul 26th 2013, bird strike


Scotland: Tornado makes emergency landing at Prestwick airport after bird strike


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California, USA: Bay Area sea gull population explodes, bringing flocks of problems


Texas, USA: T-38 Crash: Pilots Survive After Ejecting From Plane


New York, USA: Jamaica Bay geese targeted by feds


Virginia, USA: Bald Eagle Lovers Fire Back at USA


India: Reducing Impacts of Bird Strike


Turkey: A Turkish Airlines' (THY) plane on an Istanbul-Athens flight made an emergency landing on Friday due to a bird strike


New Zealand: Bird pilots plane into fence


Australia: Wildlife control experts employ new weapons to stop bird strikes over airports that could bring down planes


Arizona, USA: Incidents involving birds, plane crashes common


United Kingdom: RSPB attacks Ribble seagull cull amid BAE bird strike fears


United Kingdom: Incident: Thomson B788 at Cardiff on Jun 25th 2013, bird strike


Spain: Incident: Thomas Cook B753 at Reus on Jun 25th 2013, bird strike


Pakistan: Pakistan International Airlines evades an ‘angry bird’ strike!


England: Amazing - Engine Failure Footage! Thomas Cook A330 200 at Manchester


Australia: Bird into plane forces emergency landing on the Gold Coast


India: India Buys Bird-Strike Radars


India: Facility to test bird hits on aircraft in Bangalore


Philippines: Bird strike grounds Cebu Pacific plane for hours in Naga City


New York, USA: Annual Canada goose culling to protect aviation in New York


USA: 31 May 2013: FAA Advisory Circular Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes

France: 05 June 2013: Crash French Mirage 2000-5 after colliding with bird


India: Wildlife board clears Panvel airport, but with riders


China: Was it a bird? A Plane? Or a UFO?? Chinese passenger jet hits mysterious object at 26,000ft and lands with severely dented nose cone


USA: Helicopters and Bird Strikes; Results from First Analysis Available Online


New York, USA: Plane from Westchester County Airport diverts to JFK after bird strike


China: Blown tires, high-altitude bird strike disable plane


Ohio, USA: Nursing wounded wildlife back to health


Germany: Flight paths at delayed Berlin airport draw EU ire


United Kingdom: Special Bulletin S3/2013 - Airbus A319-131, G-EUOE


United Kingdom: British Airways Emergency Landing View From Plane


Georgia, USA: Scientific paper highlights program to reduce bird strikes near Augusta airport


New York, USA: Incident: Gojet CRJ7 at New York on May 22nd 2013, suspected bird strike, engine fire indication


Washington, DC, USA: Incident: United B772 at Washington on May 22nd 2013, bird strike


Canada: Incident: Sunwing B738 at Halifax on May 16th 2013, bird strike


Australia: Jetstar makes emergency landing at Cairns after bird strike fright


United Kingdom: Heathrow Airport runways closed after plane 'fire'


New York, USA: Captain Sully Sullenberger With Marlo Thomas


Russia: Incident: Aeroflot A320 at Moscow on May 19th 2013, bird strike


New York, USA: Captain Sully's First Three Thoughts After Bird Strike


India: Bird hits one of major causes of aircraft accidents: Indian Airforce


Sudan: Report: Juba AN12 at Khartoum on Nov 8th 2007, engine failure, runway excursion, aircraft burned down


Brazil: Incident: TAM A320 at Porto Alegre on May 17th 2013, bird strike


Arizona, USA: Wild turkeys relocated from Davis-Monthan Air Base


Switzerland: Incident: Swiss A319 at Zurich on May 12th 2013, bird strike


Canada: Number of reported bird strikes at Windsor airport soars


Louisiana, USA: Bird strike prevention techniques in place at Shreveport Regional Airport


Italy: Incident: Dolomiti E190 at Verona on May 12th 2013, rejected takeoff due to double bird strike


Louisiana, USA: Shreveport to Denver flight turns around after bird strike


USA: Airports Strike Back at Angry Birds


New Zealand: Bird strike delays Christchurch, New Zealand flight


Philippines: Bird strike forces CebuPac to cancel flights


Argentina: Incident: Argentinas A343 at Buenos Aires on May 1st 2013, bird strike


USA: Airports, Birds and You


Philippines: Bird strike cancels Cebu Pacific flight out of Tacloban


Texas, USA: Incident: American MD82 at Dallas on Apr 16th 2013, bird strikes


Hawaii and American Samoa, USA: Bird strike cancels Pago Pago-Honolulu flight


Virginia, USA: Feds say Norfolk should continue removing botanical garden’s eagle nests near airport


Taiwan: Bird-strike probable cause of FAT engine shutdown


Mississippi, USA: Device to scare birds causes Mississippi Guard base lockdown


Hawaii, USA: Incident: Hawaiian B712 at Kahului on Apr 9th 2013, bird strike


New York, USA: Judges give La Guardia fliers the bird


Portugal: Incident: Sata A320 at Ponta Delgada on Apr 6th 2013, bird strike


Russia: Incident: Aeroflot SU95 at Moscow on Apr 6th 2013, bird strike


International: Blair Watson provides an update on the development, capabilities and deployment of avian radar at airports in the battle to avoid bird strikes


New Zealand: New anti-bird strike grass attracting world interest


Tahiti: Incident: Air France B772 at Papeete on Apr 3rd 2013, bird strike


New Jersey, USA: Incident: Jazz CRJ2 near Newark on Apr 4th 2013, bird strike


USA: US Airports get creative to combat threat of bird strikes


Kuwait: Incident: Gulf A320 at Kuwait on Mar 27th 2013, bird strike


Nebraska, USA: Incident: Skywest CRJ7 at Omaha on Mar 31st 2013, bird strike


North Carolina, USA: BASH program combats bird air strike incidents at Marine Corps Air Station New River


Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Mattala airport in bird strike


Nigeria: Air Maroc Thursday suffered a bird strike to one of its engines and was forced to make emergency return to the Lagos airport


Canada: Incident: Skywest CRJ7 at Calgary on Mar 24th 2013, bird strike


Brazil: Incident: TAM A320 at Manaus on Mar 8th 2013, bird strike


Florida, USA: Spirit Airlines Flight 404 bird strike: Jet bound for Dallas forced to return to Fort Lauderdale


North Carolina, USA: Flight crew aborts take-off after possible bird strike at Charlotte airport


California, USA: IYK committee attempts to tackle potential bird hazard


North Carolina, USA: Bird Strike on Plane Delays USC Equestrian Team


Pennsylvania, USA: Bird in landing gear causes flight to Fort Lauderdale to be canceled


USA: Always watching: Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection solutions can help prevent bird strikes at airports, writes Alon Nitzan


Louisiana, USA: Low frequency device to avert bird strike threat


California, USA: Bird Strike Forces Emergency Landing At Sacramento International Airport


Colorado, USA: Plague of bunnies is damaging cars at the Denver International Airport


Brazil: Incident: TAM A319 at Sao Luiz on Feb 21st 2013, bird strike


USA: Strike One


California, USA: AAL634 Bird Strike on takeoff from KSNA, Makes emergency landing at LAX


São Tomé and Príncipe: Bird strike grounds Lisbon-bound flight from São Tomé Island

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