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Amsterdam Presentations 2016

Opening speech by Bas Pellemans, Military Aviation Authority, The Netherlands

Opening speech by Rob Huyser, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands

Opening speech by Capt Rob van Eekeren, WBA President   

Hudson Miracle - US Airways Flight 1549 Case Study by Jenny Washburn, USDA WS

Geese and flight safety in Denmark by Jens Erik Ditlevsen, Transport and Construction Agency

Climate change and wintering population trends of Greylag Goose; implications on bird strike hazards in  Europe, Prof. Dr. Xavier Ferrer, Barcelona University -  Xavier is planning to write a peer reviewed paper about his subject and therefore his presentation is not available, yet.

Understanding bird numbers, distribution and movements by Julia Stahl, SOVON      

Communicating wildlife threats between crew, ATC and airport by David Wiman, AAWHG

Reducing the geese strike risk for Airport Amsterdam Schiphol, with the views of the stakeholders:

* Pilot, Capt Piet-Hein Eldering
* Airport, Bart Straver
* Farmer, Arwin Bos
* Birdlife NL, Robert Kwak
* Hunter, Arnoud Meijering
* Municipality, John Nederstigt

PhD study - Evaluating the Effects of a Bird Strike Advisory System, by Isabel Metz. Isabel and her colleagues wrote this paper: Evaluating the effects of a Bird Strike Advisory System

The use of Radar for Bird Detection, by Siete Hamminga, Robin Radar Siete didn't use slides for his presentation. 

Developing a collaborative approach - the Australian Way, by David Wiman, AAWHG

Cost effectiveness of Integral bird control at an airport, by Nitant Shinde, University of Delft

Fully automatic detection, recognition and deterrence of birds, by Bogdan Bogdanov, Volacom

BASH Management and & role of BASH Management software, by Lalita Vaswani, BirdGard India

Lasers and other birdscaring products, by Jan Vermeeren, Ketrop / Bird Control World Wide

Robot Falcons, by Robert Jonker, Clear Flight Solutions

Insect and rodent control, by Alejandro Calvillo, Mexico

Sustainable Habitat for Airfield Grassland by Jan Gottlieb, ClearSky by DLF 

Habitat management equipment, by Peter van Mispelaar, TRILO

Grasss solutions for airport grass fields by Arthur Wolleswinkel Barenbrug

Using satellites for Surveillance of the 13km zone around airports, by Mogens Hansen, Ascend XYZ

Conspicuous pied propellers – latest results by Christian Kierulf Aas, NHM, University of Oslo

Status of the bird repellent systems developed by AIRBUS Group & CNRS, Philippe Boiteux. Presentation available on http://player.piksel.com/v/fh394gmg (stream)

The curious case of a Lapwing strike, by Dr Michał Skakuj, Ekoaviation

Airport UAS Detection, Dr. Nicholas B. Carter, Pharovision Presentation to be uploaded soon.

Pros and cons of the BRI2 risk assessment method for wildlife strike management at Italian airports by Alessandro Montemaggiori and Claudio Eminente, BSC Italy

FAA Submission – Should Transport Aircraft Birdstrike Certification Be Reconsidered, by Dr. Valter Battistoni & Capt Paul Eschenfelder

Training airport personnel on managing wildlife hazards by Anastasios Anagnostopoulos, WBA-EU

How do you ensure that pilots have the knowledge and procedures to mitigate the wildlife hazard, by David Wiman, AAWHG

The ACI Airport Excellence (APEX) in the Safety Programme, Anastasios Anagnostopoulos, Athens International Airport S.A. - Presentation to be uploaded soon.

Wildlife Hazard Management Program in Polish Air Force - first results by Col Jacek Ziolkowski and Dr. Michał Skakuj

Airport Bird/Wildlife Strike Hazard Mitigation Initiative in Nepal, Ram Mani Thapaliya, CBIN / CAA Nepal

Influcence of garbage dumps far from Barcelona-El Prat Airport on hazards posed by yellow-legged gull, by Ferran Navas, Minuartia

Kabul – Wildlife Management in a Conflict Zone, by Peter Jarman & Anish Tamang, Afghanistan

Birdstrike hazard analysis and mitigation - an Airlines perspective, by Capt Andrew Carrol, Ryanair

Wildlife Hazard Management Safety Performance, by Nicholas J. Yearwood, CAA UK

Wildlife Management Initiative in the new airport of Istanbul by Ülkü Özeren, Istanbul Grand Airport

Istanbul New Airport - Wildlife Management Unit by Tansu Tuncalı and Phil Mountain, Istanbul Grand Airport

BIRDTAM, collision probability and bird strike risk mitigation procedure, by Serge Sorbi, Belgian Air Force

A Swift (Apus apus) View on Tom “Sully” Hanks Safety Philosophy, by Luit Buurma, BSF

Population Recovery & Bird Hazards: Threats / Responses - case of Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) in Ireland, by Jeremy Nicholson

Aims and the extent of birdstrike prevention by lethal control, by Stefan Werner, Swiss Ornithological Institute

Wildlife Controller on Duty - a critical role for an airport's safe operation, by Nikos Fokas, AIA

Wildlife management EASA view, Vasileios Stefanioros

Birdstrike status at civil airports in mainland China, by Dr. Zhu Lei, Chengdu Bird Watching Society

BSC USA and Stakeholders, by John R. Weller, Bird Strike Committee USA

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