Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Kylie Patrick  - Avisure.

Part 139 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 regulates wildlife hazard management on Australian airports. However, these regulations do not address the risk of wildlife strikes occurring off-airport in the same way as they address on‐airport risks. The Australian aviation community know only too well that off-airport hazards can potentially contribute the biggest risks, and formal recognition of the hazards on the other side the boundary fence have been lacking, until now. In May 2012, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) released the National Airports Safeguarding Framework. The Framework aims to develop informed land use planning regimes to safeguard airports and their adjacent communities.

Guideline C of the Framework, Managing the Risk of Wildlife Strikes in the Vicinity of Airports, aims to provide guidelines to land users and planning decision makers regarding the management of wildlife hazards. Adhering to ICAO guidelines relating to radial distances from airports (3km, 8km and 13km) the Framework allocates risk categories to incompatible land uses (very low to high) and recommends actions for both existing and proposed developments (incompatible, mitigate, monitor, no action). The Framework encourages a coordinated approach between airport operators and land use planning authorities to mitigate risks, and where risks are identified for new developments, the Framework recommends:

  • Developing a management program;
    Establishing management performance standards;
    Allowing for design changes and/or operating procedures where the land use is likely to increase the strike risk;
    Establishing appropriate habitat management;
    Creating performance bonds should obligations not be met;
    Monitoring by airport authorities; and
    Reporting wildlife events as per Australian Transport Safety Bureau requirements.

Full details at:

 National Airports Safeguarding Framework: risk and actions for incompatible land uses within the vicinity of airportsNational Airports Safeguarding Framework: risk and actions for incompatible land uses within the vicinity of airports

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